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Canada’s 3MT: From Coast to Coast

Local competitions are the backbone of Canada’s 3MT

Canada’s 3MT competitions at individual schools are more than just contests. Participating grad schools hold workshops, organize individual coaching and practice sessions. Whether it is an elevator pitch, a job interview or explaining your work to your community – a clear, engaging style can change a mind, spark an interest or sell an idea. And for most of us, it is a skill that only comes with practice.

Is there a 3MT going on at your school? Here’s a contact list of participating institutions. A separate francophone competition is sponsored by our partner ACFAS.

2018 3MT® Institutional Competitions

Eastern Regional – McGill University – April 18, 2018

Western Regional – University of Regina – April 27, 2018

Ontario Regional – York University – April 19, 2018

University Date Contact Regional  
University of Alberta   April 11   Renee Polziehn, rpolzieh@ualberta.ca 
Brock University   February 15 and March 29 (finals)   Stacia Heaton, sheaton@brocku.ca   
University of Calgary   April 10   Tara Young, mgskills@ucalgary.ca 
Carleton University   March 21   David Lafferty, David.Lafferty@CUNET.carleton.ca 
Concordia University   March 15   Marie Sanjur, marie.sanjur@concordia.ca 
Dalhousie University   March 5-6-7 and March 8 (finals)   Alicia Kirk, Alicia.Kirk@DAL.CA 
École Polythèchnique de Montréal   March 15   Sandra Brouillette, sandra.brouillette@polymtl.ca 
University of Guelph   March 27   Alex Boughen, aboughen@uoguelph.ca 
INRS   March 14   Carolyne Hébert, carolyne.hebert@INRS.CA 
University of Lethbridge   March 23   Helen Kelley, helen.kelley@uleth.ca 
University of Manitoba   March 21   Jaclyn Forbes, Jaclyn.Forbes@umanitoba.ca 
McGill University   March 20   Alistair Hibberd, alistair.hibberd@mcgill.ca 
University of Nipissing March 23 Carly Snell, sgs@nipissingu.ca
Ontario College of Art & Design   March 6   Josh Paglione, jpaglione@ocadu.ca 
University of Ottawa   March 13   Jeela Jones, Jeela.Jones@uottawa.ca 
Queen’s University   March 28   Collette Steer, steerc@queensu.ca  
University of Regina   February 9 and 15, March 7 (final)  Khaleel Soomro, URGSA.President@uregina.ca    
Ryerson University   March 27   Leslie Matic, ryerson3mt@ryerson.ca 
Saint Mary’s University  April 3, 2018  Diane Crocker, AssociateDean.fgsr@smu.ca 
Thomson River University   March 20   Tawni Ormrod, tormrod@tru.ca 
Trent University   March 28   Dana Capell, danacapell@trentu.ca 
Trinity Western University   March 14   Diane Beaton, Diane.Beaton@twu.ca 
University of British Columbia   March 13 and March 15 (finals)   Jacqui Brinkman, jacqui.brinkman@ubc.ca 
University of Northern British Columbia   Barbara Curtis, barbara.curtis@unbc.ca 
University of New Brunswick   April 5   Heather Sears, hsears@unb.ca 
University of Ontario Institute of Technology   March 20-21   Jill Treen, jill.treen@uoit.ca     
University of Prince Edward Island March 19, 2018 Colleen Gallant , cgallant@upei.ca
University of Victoria   March 8   Carolyn Swayze, cswayze@uvic.ca 
University of Waterloo   March 21   Angela Rooke, a2rooke@uwaterloo.ca 
University of Western Ontario   April 5   Mark Wolfe, mwolfe@uwo.ca 
University of Windsor   March 26   Alison Samson, asamson@uwindsor.ca
Wilfrid Laurier University   March 28   Claire Prime, cprime@wlu.ca 
York University   March 21-22 and April 5 (finals)   Yuko Sorana, fgsro@yorku.ca 

The Three Minute Thesis (3MT®) is an academic research communication competition developed by The University of Queensland (UQ), Australia.


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