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Proposed Mission, Strategic Intentions and Activities


In order to support the accomplishment of the Mission, the Association engages in three separate but complementary activities:

We conduct research that allows us to contribute in a meaningful way to the debate and discussion on topics important to our members.

We take positions regarding specific policy and program questions and advocate on behalf of the interests and concerns of our members.

We encourage and support innovative programs and policies and provide opportunities where these leading edge approaches can be collaborated upon and shared.

Benefits of the Strategic Plan
A widely supported and properly executed strategic plan will allow us to realize our potential as an Association and increase our effectiveness in a number of key areas.

Executing this plan will help sharpen our focus in four specific areas important to our members: promoting and facilitating internationalism, improving career paths and the future of degrees, offering students more support and creating a more enabling environment for graduate studies programs.

Executing this plan will increase our profile and influence. Many of our members believe we could be more assertive in getting our message across as Deans and Directors of Graduate Studies, regarding public discussion of issues that directly affect us (such as the framework for science and technology policy or attracting international students to Canada, to give two examples).

Executing this plan will help us take a more assertive and comprehensive approach to promoting high standards for Canadian graduate studies and the contribution of graduate studies to Canadian innovation and prosperity.

Executing this plan will help us strengthen our research capacity and do a better job of publicizing best practices in policy and programs.

Executing this plan will increase our level of engagement with our members. By providing them with a platform so they can share best practices and engage in ongoing discussions on topics of interest to them, the Association will be seen as providing an essential service.

Executing this plan will help us strengthen the systemic links with other Associations and stakeholders. We will be strengthening these links by encouraging and assisting the dissemination of our research initiatives to broader audiences in the policy community.

We know that public funding for graduate studies rests on demonstrating impacts in the real world. Executing this plan will better enable Canadian citizens and their governments to appreciate the pivotal role that graduate research and learning play in anticipating and shaping emerging trends and in creating new ideas, products, services and work practices that contribute to the public good.

Executing this plan will improve our ability to track and publish the baseline data that informs the state of graduate studies in Canada regarding key issues such as time to completion, scholarly publishing, intellectual property, program structure, student profiles, career paths, international agreements, accessibility and a variety of other topics important to our members and decision-makers.

Fulfilling this plan will help us modernize our bylaws and our membership framework which will in turn guarantee that we remain relevant to our members and viable for the long-term.