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Imagining Canada’s Future.


As CAGS members we know that graduate research has an important role to play in building Canada’s future and training its leaders.

There are many paths to that future. The Canadian Association for Graduate Studies believes that graduate students hold critical answers to that question.

That’s why CAGS will be engaging humanities and social sciences graduate students in some straight talk about opportunities and challenges for social innovation, research, and building our knowledge capital. Later this spring we will be working with more than 20 graduate schools across the country to organize roundtables, seminars and reports. While it is going on, you’ll see snippets on our webpage and social media.

Highlights of this dialogue will be used as a resource for decision-makers as they determine which research they will support. It will be incorporated into a report which CAGS will submit to SSHRC’s Imagining Canada’s Future. This project grew out of the ReThinking the PhD theme from last year’s conference. And it will comprise a session at the Calgary 2015 conference.

You can follow the project here, on our Facebook page, and on Twitter using #futurecanada.

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