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21 February 2016


As anyone toiling away at a dissertation knows, writing can be an isolating experience. But the English department at Mount Royal University is working to change that with a project called Pop Up Poetry.

Writers set up in a public place and interact with curious passersby.

“The feeling is very evocative and it creates a very social atmosphere around learning and interacting around writing,” Derek Beaulieu, a poet and English professor at Mount Royal recently told University Affairs.


Prof. Richard Harrison at a Poetry Pop Up
Photo Courtesy MRU

Recently, CAGS got to experience the project first-hand at Convergence 2017 a conference sponsored by Universities Canada.

Award-winning poet, Richard Harrison was part of the pop-up and wrote a poem called Graduate after a short conversation with CAGS executive director, Sally Rutherford who was attending the conference. “It was a lovely experience and a great idea for Universities Canada to organize this,” says Rutherford. The Poetry Pop Up table was set up in a main gathering area of the conference. Poets used manual, portable typewriters to pound out their work right on site.

We think Professor Harrison aced it. Here’s it is.